Reason to Learn

Why, as a human beings, we want to pursue higher education without limitation. The answer is to fulfill the basic human needs, enrich our knowledge, and prepare the living with something that we need as economics. University is uni and varsity for me; it unites us to learn and have a deep understanding of the chosen major based on the passion and basis of the purpose of humans born to this world full of human resources. We want to have a job these days even in the pandemic we working remotely. The question is, is it a piece of good news that opportunities are open everywhere, or is it sad news that we should be working at home when we are still in need to learn and scaling our skills? The answer is: looking for the past years and evaluate yourself. Are you on it? Are you already doing good in level up your skill? or are you only living a normal day without thinking of how the future will go?. I have talent; I have hard work. It is a complete combination based on the quote “Talent without working hard is nothing” from Christiano Ronaldo. I feel great and successful in doing the mission because every day is a new day to say totally successful. One day, I felt so empty inside. I need and in need of knowledge. Without knowledge, we are running and running without knowing where it leads, and we will fall or fly if the fortune gets us. One thing that came to my mind at my age of entering university, I should go to university to learn and lecture. This is the simple reason as the same if you need a mentor. Everybody has the right to study, and everybody is doing their own way. Everybody is human resources and value, so do I. One day, In the field of work that I learn, I am a young person who has experience meet with a person who has a lot of education but no experience. In the term of ‘working’. He said sorry because he thinks I am a newbie just because of my education and that I have more experience than him. When we are working, I prove that I am more than it. It is still a perfect combination when I am still in need of knowledge with knowledge of I already a winner that day. If I can go to the world without a smartphone, I will spend more time in the library to learn what the world is like. When I read one book, I am still looking for a new chapter. Knowledge is varsity, and then we need uni to unite it. 

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