April Beauty Haul ^^

Welcome April!
I made it for review my product and why im bought it!!! Happy Shopping for your beauty haul :*

> Hair
♡ Natur Ginseng
Aku pilih Alami untuk mencegah kerontokan. Terasa segar dan wangi. Tapi kalau mau lebih wangi lagi pakai Head and Shoulders.
♡ Pantene 3 minutes miracle
Just 3 minutes to have beautiful hair! rambutku terasa ringan dan bervolume. Recomended banget.
♡ Tresemme Scalp Hair Conditioner and Shampo
This is my March Beauty Haul, tapi di aku kurang cocok :).
♡ NR Tonic
NR Tonic with natural ingredients and anti scalp. With lovely smell. Love it.

> Bath
♡ Mütouch Mulberry and Pearl
Ini semacam Goat Milk shower cream with mulberry leaf for healthy and moisturize skin with Ph Balance from Goat Milk. Feel like baby :*.

> Moisturizing
♡ Mütouch Body Lotion
I choose with Collagen and Vitamin E for healthy skin. Tapi sayangnya masih mengandung Cetyl Alcohol. Walaupun Paraben Free. With Ph Balance from Goat Milk too.
♡ Missmay Goat Milk + Honey
Goat Milk Powder with Honey (Mel), Paraben free, Alcohol free. Love it.
♡ Cusson Baby Powder With Rose and Almond
When my school schedule is sport. I choose it to keep my body fresh and smell good.
♡ Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Moisturize and repair my skin. My skin feel smooth all day. I used it for my lips and body.
♡ Shinzui Adzuki bean Body Scrub
Adzuki bean or Red Bean it good for whitening because contains Vitamin B3 and moisturize.

> Face
♡ L’oreal BB Cream
SPF 50 with UVA and UVB. Very nice and oily but you just add powder to matte finish.
♡ L’oreal Sensitive Skin Ph 6.5
My acne skin because other products need more relax and healthy. I choose it.
♡ LBC Acne Facial Wash
I choose it with Triclosan and make my skin white. But it not contains Ph.

Don’t forget to share! Kenapa tidak semua Bahasa Indonesia? Hehe.. Aku merasa nyaman dengan Bahasa itu dan untuk latihan juga 💖 But, I Love Indonesia Language much more.

With love,

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