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A 19th years old content creator from Jakarta who already intern in more than 10+ companies within 1,5+ years. Likes sustainability, and a founder of Watery Nation. Enjoy FREE resources below 🙂

What Arfiana can HELP you?

Beside being an Intern and share her story through content, she is also a freelancer

Website Developer

Created from WordPress with external hosting to make it perfectly affordable. This service is for YOU who want to have a professional portfolio or digital resume, an invitation through a website, or a company/NGO profile.

Start from IDR 100K
UI/UX Designer

Learning UI/UX from a bootcamp and independently, she can help you get connected with user include Copywriting, and Marketing skill that she had from various experience. She understand how to make your product marketable.

Start from IDR 100K

1-on-1 share and solve your journey with Arfiana. Fun fact, Arfiana is getting her first internship without spending any money to learn. Reveal Arfiana’s secret on what a High-School graduate can do!

Start from IDR 100K
Event Management

Create online-events might be hard. With Arfiana’s knowledge on International events. She can help you manage from end-to-end.

Start from 100K
Marketing Strategy

A value of a product without anyone know about it is ‘Nothing’. Provide you organic and paid Digital Marketing planning.

Start from 100K
Content Creation/Speaker

Bring your brand-presence to a community of ambitious Gen-Z through Arfiana’s account. Anything that you want to show!

Start from 100K

What they said about me?

Arfiana is one of the good people I enjoyed worked with. Her knowledge of business, especially for young people, is very broad and easy to apply. I highly recommend her for everyone who want a partner in digital business!

Daniel Sastraadmijaja

Never had I ever met a person who’s so dedicated in her work and is drowning herself as agent of change by contributing a lot in not only environmental cause but the world cause. Her leadership style never fails to impress me. Working with her taught me alot and I believe she’s the person you’re looking for in workspace 🙂 

Pearling Lim

Never had I ever met a schoolgirl who having proven qualities in public service while it usually done by people who far older than her. I knew Arfiana since a year ago, when she was a graphic designer. Her leadership style inspire my leadership journey in both nat’l and int’l organisations so far. I highly recommend her in many endeavours!

Hendri Surya

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